What does sex mean to you?

Do you have a limited sexual repetoire with your partner?  Are you squemish about trying new things with your loved one?  Do you feel sexually bored?  You’re not the only one.  Apparently, one in three Americans over-report the frequency in which they have sex. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

This is a tough topic because so MANY magazines, tv shows, books, videos, experts, etc. give us so many versions of what sex means.  But what does sex mean to you?  I tend to think that sex is really about the meaning we give it.  It can be erotic, sweet, fun, passionate, deeply loving or intense.  Any sex act can make you feel liberated, free and open or shamed, dirty or embarrassed depending on the meaning it has to you.

So think again when your partner asks you to try something sexually and notice your initial reaction.  If you haven’t already, maybe you should ask yourself some questions like what does each sex act (intercourse, anal sex, oral sex ) mean to me?  What would it mean for me to try it? How did I come to that meaning?  How do I know if I really don’t like something or if I’m just afraid to try something new? Are their ways I deny myself pleasure because of beliefs other people have imposed on me?  Would I be defined by the sexual act or is that a judgment I have?

Talk about your concerns with your partner in order to reduce shame so you can grow into your sexual potential.  Being very clear about what sex means to you is the first step to having great sex and communicating it to your partner is the next step.  These two step help to create a deeper connection, intimacy and great sex.


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