Falling in love and the brain

In May, 2005 a study was released looking at romantic love and how it effects the brain.  We all have had the experience of falling in love and feeling a little euphoric, and at times, out of control.  Inexplicable behaviors like talking on the phone for hours, yelling the beloved’s name out of the car window, singing songs to voice mails, etc. are evidence of this phenomenon.

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There is some explaination for this.  A new study shows that romantic love is distinct from sexual arousal and is more a biological urge like food or thurst.  It seems that over time, romantic love fades and can embed itself deep into the brain where attachments get formed.

Romantic love is so powerful that it can have a person staying up all night or going to the gym at 6 a.m.  It can also have people commiting crimes of passion when the loss is painful.

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