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Kirsten Rogoff, MA states that “Persons suffering from Sexual Anorexia tend to avoid sex.  There are different ways this problem can manifest itself. It can be as extreme as complete avoidance from any type of sexual pleasure, including masturbation, or as subtle as limiting sexual expression to anonymous sexual encounters.”

She states that “often times there is an underlying social phobia or extreme shyness and/or there could have been a devasting rejection or trauma that resulted in subsequent avoidant behavior.  There are many reasons why avoidant behaviors exist, but most often regardless of the original cause, there seems to be a resulting fear of intimacy that lies at the heart of the problem.”

“Sometimes the risk of criticism and rejection is too great to bear, so the individual withdraws in self-imposed exile from the human race.  Social skills may be so impoverished that the person may have to be taught how to shop, cook, have a conversation with others, and other basic skills.”

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