For Partners of Sex Addicts

COSA is an anonymous 12-Step fellowship for those whose lives have been
affected by another¹s compulsive sexual behavior.  Our 12 Steps and 12
Traditions are based on those of Alcoholics Anonymous; but we have no
affiliation with AA.  Members of our program acknowledge their own disease
of sexual codependency/co-sex addiction/co-addiction and begin the journey
to newfound serenity in their lives.  COSA is not a therapy group, nor is it
designed to replace our need for professional therapy.  Often times, members
working the 12 Steps of COSA are able to follow through with honesty while
continuing to work with a professional. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

COSA cooperates with, but is not affiliated with Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA)
and our annual conventions are running concurrently in 2006. Attendance and
participation at a national convention offers a unique opportunity, for new
and seasoned members alike, to grow in their knowledge of the program by
attending meetings, workshops and speaker presentations.  We encourage all
of those who qualify to attend.

The COSA 2006 National Convention will be held in Indianapolis, IN, over
Memorial Day weekend, May 23-26, 2006.  On behalf of the COSA National
Service Organization (COSA NSO), I would like to encourage you to attend the
informational session during the upcoming SASH conference if you plan to
attend, and to share this information with patients and colleagues.

For more information about the meet and greet session and the COSA 2006
National Convention, or about COSA in general, please email our Public
Information Committee at

We would like to encourage
those who are unfamiliar with COSA, or who have additional questions about
our fellowship, to visit our website at
Thank you for your help in reaching those who still suffer.

In Service,

Christi G.
Chair, COSA National Service Organization


The Center for Healthy Sex (CHS) treats a broad spectrum of sexual disorders including; sex addiction, low sexual desire and sexual dysfunction. The experienced, highly skilled clinical staff of CHS offers intensive individual and group psychotherapy.

For more information visit or call 310.335.0997
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  1. betrayed by photos:

    I recently discovered my boyfriends dark secret which he’s kept from me the entire time we’ve been together. We’ve always been open and had a good relationship, but I felt there was something he kept from me.

    A few weeks ago- that “something” smacked me in the face. I found a hidden file on our computer with nude pictures of women- all shapes, sizes and ages- but not just adult film women- like real every day women, taking pictures of themselves naked. Then I found a folder with images of my boyfriend. Some of these images were from before we were together and other were taken the whole time we’ve been together. I could see the date the photos were taken. There were some where in the mirror you could see where I wrote ” i love you” and him standing there masterbating and taking the pic. Others were taken in our new home we just built this summer. I then found images of a “friend” of his that I never really trusted. He swore to me so many times they were just friends from when they were teenagers.

    Obviously I was mad and hurt. I broke into his myspace account and wrote this so called “friend”. I sent her a message saying that I knew what was going on and called her all kinds of names. Im not saying it was right, but I wasnt thinking clearly at the time. I also messaged her boyfriend and let him know what her actions had been. Later that night my boyfriend came home. I yelled at him for a while, then insisted he call this girl and end their “friendship”. we talked all night and cried. Somehow we went to work the next day.

    In the last few weeks we’ve gone to therapy 3 times and he’s joined a local 12 step program. we are able to talk about things and have progressed in some small areas. I still dont trust him. His computer access has been limited and he must have my supervison, per the therapist. i also have access to his email and his myspace/facebook accounts have been deleted.

    he’s cried and told me several times that he knows this wasnt right and he wants to make our relationship stronger. He swears to me this never went further than text images and the web. Somehow am I suppose to trust that?

    The therapist believes he used this “act” to cover pain and grief from losing his mother and an ending relationship prior to ours, since thats when he began this act.

    every day i think about what we are going thru, the images of those women and him pop in my head all the time. I cry, get mad, get scared, and feel numb out of no where.

    we are able to talk when we both have feelings. i want to have the confiedence this issue will be something we can work pass, something that will be hard but somehow make us a stronger couple.

    its hard to have that confidence when i never thought this person would ever hurt me like this, and now that all my trust with him is lost, i have to learn to trust him again. in no way do i believe i deserved this, caused this or should have to live with this.

    he knows the ball is in his court. i will support him, go to therapy and talk as much as needed, but he is the one who brought this into our relationship and he will be the one to prove he can overcome his addiction and be a better partner.

    Its been made very aware to him, not as a threat, that this will not occur again. I will not stick around and allow him to treat me in this way. It may hurt to leave, but it would hurt even more to repeat this.

    A friend of mine had this issue several years ago with her now husband, only it began shortly after their engagement. She swears by therapy and the 12 step program. She said that it takes time and rebuilding trust, but it is something that can be worked thru. I really hope she’s right.

    Posted on November 19th, 2008 at 4:23 pm

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