Sex Addiction: You’re not alone

If you are a sex addict and want to read about other people’s struggles with their compulsive sexual behaviors or write about your own, check out This is a little like having a virtual group therapy experience. Sex Addiction Los Angeles.  You may really relate to a story and see that you aren’t alone and your contributions could really help another.  Let me know how it goes by clicking the comment button below.  Thanks!

What about female sex addicts?

I want to be clear that I mostly consider myself to be a social liberal and that I don’t have big opinions about what’s strictly “right” and “wrong” for people.  So if people don’t have a problem with their sexual behaviors, then I don’t.  However, if someone says “I’m in a lot of pain because of my sexual behaviors and I can’t stop,” then I’m available to help. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

That said, it seems to me that women often get left behind when talking about sex addiction. I think that’s partially because women are continually trying to define what sex and sexual liberation means to them after centuries of sexual repression.  I also think that women don’t come into treatment for sexual addiction due to the shame and stigma attached to admitting to such a problem.

However, the thinking today seems to be, if men can have a lot of casual sex, why can’t women?   The TV series, “Sex in the City” really put that out on the air waves.  What Samantha and the gang were up to would not have been cool if the cast were all men.  They were glamourous, promiscious and proud of it.  I guess I worry that women could be getting themselves into trouble and not recognizing it.

Take a look at this article and see what you think.