What is Sexual Addiction?

Sexual addiciton is often described as a problematic relationship with a mood altering experience.  It’s problematic because it usually causes messes in people’s lives and they can’t stop, even though they might want to. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

It alters their mood because sex addicts are literally changing the chemistry in their brains.  There is a neuro-chemical response that creates a delusional state where the only thing that matters is getting into the sexual experience.  Addicts refer to this as being in the “bubble” and report being powerless in that state over their behaviors.

Typically any sexual behavior that is done in secrecy, is shaming or abusive to the person or another is probably addictive behavior.  Sexual addiction is also identified by high levels of preoccupation about the next sexual episode.

Sex addicts also spend a good amount of time with ritualizing behaviors that may include, but are not limited to: cruising for prostitutes, getting the “right” porn, loosing time on the internet searching for the “right” image, planning for their partner’s to leave the house so they can “act out”, find the “right” clothes to wear, etc.

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