Sexual Anorexia

Are you sad about not being in a relationship with anyone but find that you don’t know how to approach people?  Do you desire sex but find that you are you averse to it at the same time?  Do you feel ashamed about sex and/or does the thought of getting close to someone make your skin crawl?  Do you sometimes feel a horrible sense of self-loathing?  To understand more about what might be going on with you, check out

Sex Addiction Los Angeles

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The Center for Healthy Sex (CHS) treats a broad spectrum of sexual disorders including; sex addiction, low sexual desire and sexual dysfunction. The experienced, highly skilled clinical staff of CHS offers intensive individual and group psychotherapy.

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  1. Montana Girl:

    I have been told by experts in the area of sexually addiction that I do have this problem of sexual anorexia. However, it has also been determined that my spouse is an acute sex addict. Over the years I developed a repulsive feeling for him and if he would try to initiate sexual activity I could not respond. His attempts only made me ill to the point where I wanted to throw up.

    Posted on April 26th, 2008 at 8:28 am

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