Are you in relationship with a sex addict?

If you are involved with someone who is routinely secretive about their sexual activities and you have questioned some of their behaviors only to have them denied, you might find yourself thinking you are crazy or imagining things. Sex Addiction Los Angeles

Often partners of sex addicts report that they begin to stop trusting their best judgment even though their partner can’t account for his/her time.  Additionally, money can go unaccounted for as can cell phone calls and mood swings.  Sometimes partner’s report that their sex life has diminished considerably and that they feel physically and emotionally neglected.

Other signs your partner may be a sex addict include regular arguing about sex, angry exchanges around sex or feeling terrible or dirty after sex with your partner. Should you think that you may be involved with a sex addict, you may need counseling and/or a self-help group like S-Anon.

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