Some facts about Cybersex Addiction

Here are some interesting facts from Sexual Addiction and Compulsion, A Journal of Treament and Prevention 2004: Sex Addiction Los Angeles

  • About six percent of internet users are having trouble with sex on the internet
  • A profile of very severe problems exist for one percent of users which virtually cripples their ability to function
  • Forty per cent of these extreme cases are women
  • Most porn is downloaded from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • One hundred throusand websites dedicated to selling sex in some way exist (not counting chat rooms, email or other forms of sexual contact on the web)
  • Two hundred sexual related websites are added every day
  • Sex on the internet constitutes the third largest economic sector on the web (software and computers being first and second)
  • The greatest technological innovations on the web were developed by the sex industry (video streaming being an example)